Monday, 7 December 2009

Proposed Route - Banff to Winnipeg

For my route across the Canadian Prairies to Winnipeg, I'm avoiding the direct, but heavily trafficked, Trans-Canada Highway (Route #1) for obvious reasons. I've decided to track eastwards between the Trans-Canada and the Yellowhead (Route #16), on a near parallel less travelled route that roughly bi-sects these two major roads.

After a short stretch on the #1 from Banff to Canmore, I'll take the Bow Valley Trail (#1A) to Cochrane and then skirt just north of the city of Calgary, before arriving at Drumheller. Drumheller is the self-proclaimed "Dinosaur Capital of the World" (!) in the heart of the Canadian Badlands. Just before Drumheller I'll pass the dramatic geological feature of Horseshoe Canyon. After that excitement, my route continues across the prairies for 1,300 km and doesn't visit a major town or city until Winnipeg!

On this leg of my journey, I'll cross two further province borders (Saskatchewan and Manitoba), travel along plenty of horizon spearing straight roads (the #15 to Nokomis appears straight for over 100km!) and probably experience some ridiculous headwinds (and maybe the occasional tailwind if I'm lucky). I'll also see quite a lot of evidence of farming.

Elevation Profile

Incidently, my route across the prairies is based on the route suggested in a book I have owned for many years - Cycling Canada: Bicycle Touring in Canada (ISBN 0933201702) by John M. Smith. Although this book was published in the mid-90's (and may be somewhat out of date), I'm using the author's broad suggestions for routing away from certain parts of the Trans-Canada Highway both on this leg across the prairies and the next leg, when I'm planning to go south of Lake Superior and spend a few days across the border in the United States.

Placename or POI Dir. Road Highway Name Next POI Total Km
Banff SE #1 Trans Canada Hwy 23 1,418
Canmore SE #1A Bow Valley Trail 73 1,441
Cochrane NE #22 Cowboy Trail 8 1,514

E #567 Big Hill Springs Rd 21 1,523

N #772 Symons Valley Rd 3 1,544

E #567 Airdrie Road 11 1,547

29 1,558

Alberta Highway #9

N #9
12 1,587
Beiseker E #9
63 1,599
Drumheller N #9
77 1,662

53 1,738

31 1,791

58 1,822

Alberta / Saskatchewan Province Border

Alsask NE #7
60 1,880

83 1,940
Rosetown S #4
5 2,023

Saskatchewan Highway #15

E #15
67 2,028

56 2,095

87 2,151
Nokomis S #20
10 2,238

E #15
33 2,248

85 2,281

55 2,366

57 2,421

SE #16 Yellowhead Hwy 24 2,478

32 2,502

Saskatchewan / Manitoba Province Border

Russell E #45
106 2,534
Erickson S #10
39 2,640
Minnedosa E #16 Yellowhead Hwy 128 2,679
Portage la Prairie NE #26
68 2,807
St François Xavier E #1 Trans Canada Hwy 27 2,875


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