Sunday, 14 March 2010

Back to Halifax Post-Trip

Update: I've now decided to fly straight out of St. John's back to the UK, so won't get to do all of this route. However, if I'm up on my schedule, I should have time to explore the Avalon Pennisula further...

The schedule I've set to cycle across Canada and the route I've chosen in the east of the country both offer a nice amount of contingency. I've scheduled the ride at a hopefully comfortable 120 km for each riding day, with 12 full days off the bike. My route in the Maritimes is meandering and since I'm riding across Newfoundland the long way from Channel-Port aux Basques it's certainly not the shortest route and could be trimmed considerably, if necessary.

This is all good and sensible and should ensure I reach my goal of St. John's one way or another. My trans-atlantic flight back home is from Halifax, Nova Scotia, though. If I'm still on schedule (and I haven't chucked the bike in the sea at St. John's) I hope to complete my tour with a leisurely ride back to Halifax. A sort of post-tour wind-down. As a considerable bonus, I will get to explore the southern half of the Avalon Peninsula via the Irish Loop and Cape Shore on Newfoundland and the southern shore of Nova Scotia via Marine Drive.

If I have the time and the legs for the full route, it will add a further 950 km of cycling. The observant amongst you will realise I've now got my trip total up to 9,920 km. I may have to do a tiny bit more wandering along the way to crack 10,000 km!

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Hughie said...

I went around the Irish loop this past summer for my first small tour. Be warned, many hills await you.