Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Canada By Bicycle

A couple of people, including the site's author, have recently sent me a link to

Canada by Bicycle by Steve Langston

Canada by Bicycle is a free website resource detailing a 72 day paved-road cycle route across Canada, based (I presume) on the experiences of it's author Steve Langston.

It takes the form of a tourist guide and is nicely laid out. Each day has a detailed turn-by-turn route card, map and elevation profile. There's an accompanying writeup of the day's highlights, including the local sites, culture and heritage. Usefully, it includes services in towns en route, as well as campsites for each night. The website also has some basic information on cycle touring and camping.

The website offers cyclists a near 'turnkey' solution for crossing Canada. Of course, it's also pretty useful for anybody in the midst of planning their crossing of Canada for background information, routing ideas and inspiration. Good one, Steve!

An accompanying book, Canada By Bicycle (ISBN: 9780981242811), is available via the website for 20$ (CAD).

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Hughie said...

This is awesome! I was already using "the Canadian Cycling Associations Complete Guide to Bicycle Touring in Canada" by Katz, but this is a great online resource.