Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Black is the New Green...

My bike arrived today, in a rather large cardboard box. Anticipation had been mounting for a week, following a phone call from Lisa at St. John St Cycles informing me that the Nomad was ready to be built up in the workshop.

A rather large cardboard box...

The call began ominously, though, with Lisa cheerfully delivering that old chestnut: "Well Shaun, there's some good news and some bad news". The good news was that they were ready to build my bike. The bad news was that they couldn't find my green 562L frame!

...with this inside.

Quietly, I sucked air through my teeth. I'd read about another customer suffering a very similar incident, not that long ago. My mind was racing ahead. I'd somewhat reluctantly ordered a green 562L after being told by Dan that it was the only Nomad frame left in my size for several months. And now they can't find it. Yikes!

"We've got a black 562L", continued Lisa, "...but it's got a couple of scratches...I can knock some money off for you...". "OK, I'm not fussed", I said, whilst quietly punching the air! I didn't care about a couple of scratches, the bike will pick up plenty of those soon enough. The money off will come in handy, but most importantly, I'd wanted a black 562L all along! Result.

Also quite heavy.

Before delivery, I also decided to swap the honey Brooks Saddle for a black one. So, the Nomad's turned up looking a bit stealthy...

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