Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Closing in on the Soo

27th July: Munising to Newberry

Odometer: 95 km, Start: 9.15am, Finish: 4.00pm, Avg: 21.7 km/h,
Weather: Sunny, quite humid, Temp: 18-29°C
Mosquito Bites: 80, Hills walked: 0
Road Conditions: #28, 0.75-1m shoulder, good surface, sometimes moderate traffic (more than I expected) with big-rigs. Regular gas stations. Ascent: 400m/300m.

I would have liked to have stayed around Munising for a day to see the sights. There’s a very well known boat trip out to the Pictured Rocks that would’ve been nice, but I’m still on a mission to claw back some time, so I was back on the #28 for another dose of pine trees and flat, straight roads…

A rare hill today
A rare bend in the road today
A rare bit of open land today

It was hot and humid (for a Brit. anyway) for the third day running. My clothes were soaked through within 1/2 hour and I didn’t dry out at any point during the day. It was definitely a day to keep chugging down the water. My arms are now a bit burnt (I’m fair skinned), my factor 50 sun cream keeps washing away with the sweat!

Hot and dry at the moment

I didn’t really enjoy today’s road conditions much. The traffic levels were a bit higher than I was expecting and there were quite a few big-rigs on the road. Although saying that, I’m actually more afraid of the large RV’s (the one’s the size of a bus and normally TOWING A LARGE 4x4) and the trucks towing wide boats! Fortunately the road had a central rumble strip so at least I could gauge whether the vehicle behind had at least moved over a bit and I could relax a touch. (I also listen for a change in engine note for the same reason).


I’m in Newberry this evening, rehydrating. There are supposed to be some thunderstorms, possibly severe, overnight. Maybe that will cool the air a touch. I’ve got one more day on the #28 and I should have a strong west wind again so it might not take too long! Hopefully, I’ll reach Sault Ste. Marie tomorrow and return to Canada.

Nearly back into Canada (just above the R in Superior)

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R & A said...

You would think in a country as large as you are in could make the roads wide enough!!