Monday, 12 July 2010

Day off in Minnedosa

Taking another well earned day off with 3,200km on the clock. Just about 10 days straight of westerly winds sure helped to less the potential psychological impact of the Prairies! While out exploring this morning, I noticed the wind direction has changed. It’s started coming from the SE. Either my timing is immaculate, if it’s just a one day aberration, or it’s the start of some payback tomorrow. I’ve got 3 days travelling SE to reached the US border at Minnesota…

Minnedosa is a small town of about 1,500 people, but it has a nice lake and beach area, a trail through a wetland area and a heritage museum of old buildings moved and restored from various locations in Manitoba. It all kept me occupied on my wanderings during the morning. Some pictures follow.

Bridge on the town's nature trail
Rickety bridge through the wetlands area
Agricultural commerce building at the Heritage Museum
Working wind powered water pump. Blades glinting in the sun
Manitoba flag
Detail of old school building
Old church building
Street signs all have this train silhouette


R & A said...

Hope you enjoyed the rest day, we all know what SD stands for now

Jackie said...

Hi Shaun,

Thanks for sharing your journey! My boyfriend and I are planning a similar trip for next summer.

If you're interested, you're welcome to stay with us for a night (or a couple) while you pass through Montreal. We only have a futon to offer, but cheap accomodation is hard to find in the summer in Montreal, and no camping too near the city!

You can email me at jackie_freeman AT

Enjoy your travels!