Friday, 9 July 2010

Into Manitoba

9th July: Melville to Russell

Odometer: 114 km, Start: 8.45am, Finish: 5.30pm, Avg: 22.5 km/h,
Weather: Sunny, west wind, Temp: 16-26°C
Mosquito Bites: 51, Hills walked: 0
Road Conditions: #15, Pretty good. 1.5m shoulder first 26km. Traffic extremely light. #16 2m shoulder, good. Traffic light. Services Churchbridge (66km), Langenburg (82km) on #16. Ascent: 120m up/100m down. (Mostly one river valley)!

I think it’s the 51st day on these straight and flat Prairie roads, but it only feels like the 48th. I’ve not lost my mind yet and I think I’m coping well with the Prairies…

Flower of the day 1

After 450km my relationship with the rural road #15 has come to an end. Like all such partings it was a bit sad and tearful. We’d been though some good times and some bad times. Things had been decided rough and rocky at one stage, but it was better towards the end. Throughout our time together, the #15 played it straight and true. Thanks friend.

Goodbye friend

I’m temporarily back on the Yellowhead Highway, the same road I travelled from Prince George to Jasper quite a while ago. It was hot when I turned onto the #16 and there were some impressive heat hazes coming off the road as I travelled to Langenburg for second lunch.

Heat haze on the #16

The town had put the flags out for me. It was quite a parade. After the festivities had died down, I retreated to the “save room for dessert” cafe. This was a great place and I enjoyed my Rhubarb Crisp and Berry Fruit Crush. Much better than the normal fare I can get from roadside cafes.

Langenburg puts the flags out for me

After Langenburg I crossed into my fourth province – Manitoba. I’ve also lost another hour. I’m now on Central time. Does that mean I’m half way? No. Although I did turn over 3000km shortly afterwards and that’s about a third of my total distance for this trip. I’ve also been on the road for one month. Very neat and tidy.

At the Manitoba border
About a third of the way…

Approaching Russell, I met a hill! My first real hill for a week. It went down to the Assiniboine River and then back up and accounted for virtually all of today’s climb total of 120m. Is this the end of the flat, flat, flat? Not sure, I’ll have to wait and see…

A hill! Assiniboine River valley.
Flower of the day 2


Martina said...

Congratulations - 1/3 of the way through is a big milestone! Hope you found time to celebrate. Mx

Hilary said...

No more bears?
:) Hilary

R & A said...

only two thirds to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!