Sunday, 29 August 2010

Across Prince Edward Island

27th August: Borden-Carleton to Woods Island

Odometer: 127 km, Start: 9.00am, Finish: 7.00pm, Avg: 18.9 km/h,
Weather: Sunny intervals, Temp: 16-23°C
Road Conditions: Confederation trail (67km to Charlottetown), red cinder gravel, smooth surface in great condition. #26 (from Charlottetown), no shoulder, very light traffic. Joins #1 (TCH), 1.75m shoulder, good condition, light traffic. #23 (to Woods Island), no shoulder, reasonable surface, extremely light traffic. Good stops on trail. Services: Charlottetown (67km). Cafe at Vernon Bridge (85km). Ascent: 500m/530m

I managed to dry out overnight and it was sunny when I went for breakfast in the morning. My motel was right by the start of the Confederation Trail bike path that I was going to take to Charlottetown. I wondered about the trail’s condition after the rainy day yesterday. (Other parts of PEI had very heavy rain, much worse than I experienced). I needn’t have worried the trail was hard-packed cinder gravel and it was in perfect condition!

The red earth of Prince Edward Island

The Confederation Trail was another brilliant off-road bike route. Nice one PEI! I really enjoyed the whole 67km to Charlottetown. Most of the trail surface had a red colour indicative of the colour of the island rocks and soil. I passed through old woods and across open grassland and pasture. This part of PEI had a lot of rolling hills, but because the trail was mostly built on a defunct railway route, the gradients on the trail were only very slight.

Typical conditions on the Confederation Trail

The trail delivered me right to the edge of the old town district of Charlottetown. I used the GPS to navigate the 500m or so to the one building I wanted to see in the town. Province House held the first talks on Canadian Confederation in 1864.

Province House, Charlottetown – Venue for the 1864 Confederation Talks
Information on the 1864 Confederation Talks
Cormorants on an old bridge support, Charlottetown

I had intended to get half way between Charlottetown and Woods Island to leave a short ride to the ferry to Nova Scotia in the morning. In the end, I made it all the way, due to an afternoon tailwind! I’m glad I did as I had great conditions in the early evening for some snaps of the lighthouses dotted around the Woods Island harbour area.

The little lighthouse and a sailing boat, Woods Island, PEI
Low tide and evening light
The colourful red lighthouse
The other lighthouse and the evening sun

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