Sunday, 8 August 2010

Heading towards the Adirondacks

8th August: Irondequoit to Fulton

Odometer: 115 km, Start: 9.00am, Finish: 4.30pm, Avg: 21.3 km/h,
Weather: Mostly cloudy, Temp: 16-28°C
Road Conditions: #404/Ridge Rd (Parallels #104 to Wolcott for 65km), 1 to 1.5m shoulder, good surface, very light traffic after leaving Irondequoit. #104, 1.5m shoulder, good surface, light traffic. #3, 2-3m shoulder, good surface, light traffic. Plenty of food stops. Ascent: ?m/?m (Didn't record. Rolling terrain 2nd half).

Irondequoit (a major town suburb of Rochester) proved difficult to escape. My intended route was to sneak through right along the Lake Ontario shoreline, but that relied on crossing the Irondequoit Bay Outlet Bridge. I noticed a couple of days ago that this swing bridge is only open to traffic from December to April! The rest of the time it’s left in the open position for boats to leave the bay and head into the lake.

Sodus Bay (from the bay bridge)

The main bridge across the bay (on the #104) is a freeway (motorway). I couldn’t find out whether there was a pedestrian / bike route from asking a few people last night. As luck would have it, as I was about to cycle out this morning to find out for myself, a police car stopped and I was able to ask. There wasn’t a bike route but the cop kindly drew me a map to get out of the city safely! Thanks!

Once clear, I spent most of the day on Ridge Rd which followed the major #104 highway. (Maybe the old #104 route)? This proved to be a nice route through several small towns with frontage housing for most of it’s length. It was a pleasant Sunday morning ride watching people doing their Sunday morning chores and relaxations. There were also many “yard sales”, people setting stalls up in their driveways.

Sodus Bay (other bank)

I reached Sodus for lunch and spoke for a long time with a young couple in the gas station / cafe. They were very friendly people who were interested in my trip and England. Just after Sodus I passed Sodus Bay which was just about my only scenery today. It was quite interesting reading the Seaway Trail history board of the bay crossing. (I’ve been loosely following the signed Seaway Trail from Niagara Falls).

Sodus Bay Bridge history

I’ve ended today in Fulton, NY which is on the Oswego River. I’m on schedule to reach Montreal in 4 days, assuming I can still remember how to climb hills. My all too brief days in the Adirondack Mountains are coming up after tomorrow…

Oswego River, Fulton

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