Sunday, 8 August 2010

Perfect cycling day in NY State

7th August: Olcott Beach to Irondequoit

Odometer: 110 km, Start: 9.15am, Finish: 4.00pm, Avg: 23.3 km/h,
Weather: Sunny, Temp: 15-24°C
Road Conditions: #18, 1 to 1.5m shoulder, excellent, very light traffic until outskirts of Irondequoit / Rochester. Plenty of food stops (lots of roadside fruit stalls). Ascent: 170m/170m.

It was another perfect day for cycling. (I’ve had a few I know). The humidity has gone these past couple of days (temporarily, I think), blown south by the wind. My clothes stayed dry. The temperature maxed out at a barmy 24°C (75°F) this afternoon. The skies were mostly clear. I had another westerly tailwind!

NY #18, a very good cycling road

The road was pretty good as well, although very flat. A nice smooth highway with a good shoulder and hardly any traffic for the first 80km. All along the route were orchards and other fruit farms. Market stalls lined the roadside every so often and there were countless pick-your-own berries spots.

Orchards and market garden crops all along the route

It was a good day to overdose on fruit! It was quite difficult to pass by without buying something nice to eat. You can’t pass up this sort of opportunity! I had well over my “5-a-day” today. It sure beats buying food from a gas station…

Lots of roadside market stalls and pick your own fruit

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