Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Day off in Hanover

Well I’ve packed another 10 days riding in since my last “day off” posting! I’m very close to 5,400km and still in good health apart from being stung in the ear by a bee a couple of days ago! I am tired though, so today’s complete rest has been useful, I’m sure.

It was a reasonably good stretch through the Upper Peninsula, Michigan, (would’ve been nicer if I hadn’t straight-lined it) then a mentally tiring one on the TCH and also across Manitoulin Is. and the Bruce Peninsular with the holiday weekend traffic. In hindsight I should’ve taken a day off over the weekend and sat it out a while. Never mind.

My motel in Hanover is slightly out of town and it’s been hot and humid today, so I haven’t felt like wandering around, so no photos. Sorry about that.

I’ve just been hanging around the room using the internet and making use of the air-con that actually works! All motels have air-con, but you need a reasonably expensive establishment for it to even remotely work, I’ve found. (Incidentally, you seem to also need this level of hotel to expect 2 working plugs for the sink and bath, adequate plumbing, a full compliment of light bulbs, a swept floor, an absence of cringe worthy features, but I digress…).

Coming up I’ve got Niagara Falls in a couple of days before crossing again into the States and riding along the south shore of Lake Ontario and then a scenic mountain passage through the Adirondacks. After that I return into Canada and Quebec and head up to Montreal for some more R & R. It’s only a further 1,000km…

Finally, a special mention to the small spider that’s been riding across with me for the past week. Every night he builds a little web, usually around the left brake lever and every day hides away somewhere from the wind while we’re moving down the road. It’s amusing me no end. He’s called Harry, by the way.


R & A said...

Wonder if Harry will make UK

Martina said...

Glad you found a friend.