Monday, 16 August 2010

Chemin du Roy

16th August: Berthierville to Trois-Rivières

Odometer: 86 km, Start: 9.45am, Finish: 3.30pm, Avg: 21.1 km/h,
Weather: Light rain AM, brightening later, Temp: 18-24°C
Road Conditions: La Route Verte 5: Signage good. Quiet, bumpy country roads following old Chemin du Roy. #138 from 20km to Trois-Rivières had 1.5m shoulder and light traffic. Ascent: 80m/80m.

An overcast morning with steady light rain greeted me when I set off this morning. I’ve not had very much rain at all on this trip so I can’t really grumble.

Pont Galipeault, Maskinongé
River under Pont Galipeault

I again spent the day (mostly) following the La Route Verte 5 which (mostly) followed the old course of the Chemin du Roy (King’s Road), an historic highway along the north shore of the St. Lawrence river dating from the 1700s. The route was nearly completely traffic free on bumpy country roads through flat Québécois farmland. It frequently crossed and re-crossed the modern highway #138 on my way towards Trois-Rivières.

Following the Chemin du Roy (King's Road)

Around 20km out from Trois-Rivières I checked out the #138. It was pretty quiet and had a shoulder so I took that for the run into the city. It was quite a trek across town and although the sky was brightening up I decided to call time a little early today, just on the outskirts on the other side.

St. Lawerence at Pointe-du-Lac, near Trois-Rivières
Looking from a road bridge in Trois-Rivières

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