Saturday, 14 August 2010

To Montréal

12th August: Malone to Beaconsfield, Montreal, QC

Odometer: 110 km, Start: 9.00am, Finish: 5.30pm, Avg: 19.5 km/h,
Weather: Sunny, Temp: 16-25°C
Road Conditions: Various Quebec country roads once back in Canada, a lot of rough surfaces! Cycle paths from Les Cédres to Montreal. Ascent: 150m/300m.

I had a short ride to US border and crossed back into Canada via the Trout Creek crossing point. It was a simple crossing and I was on my way within 5 minutes. Rough roads greeted me in Quebec as I rode northwards to Montreal. I had a nice tea stop in a cafe in Huntingdon (nice talking to you Morgan!) before continuing on.

Canadian border at Trout Creek
Montréal, straight on!

Gavin, my Montreal host, had devised a route to Beaconsfield in the SW of the city using cycle-paths and a ferry. We were a bit worried about a narrow bridge near Saint-Louis-de-Gonzague which cyclists are barred from except at weekends when there’s a motorised shuttle transfer available. It would have meant a 20km detour to cross another bridge upstream if I couldn’t get across this one. I had two plans, either ride the bridge (whistling) or thumb a lift over the <1km length. When I got to the bridge it was lightly trafficked and safe enough so I crossed having “completely missed” the tiny no cycling sign…

Quebec farmland (maybe Adirondacks in background?)
Eglise Saint-Timothée

Rather ironically, the road the other side of the bridge was narrow, badly cracked and eroded and posed more danger than the bridge itself! Oh well. (Note to cyclists: The bridge does contain 100m of diamond metal grating in the middle that could be tricky in the wet or with narrow tyres). I got to Saint-Timothée and used the GPS to find the ferry crossing point via another narrow bridge across the reservoir, a gravel road and a small pontoon bridge. The ferry was conveniently moored on my bank, seemly waiting for me.

Short ferry ride from Saint-Timothée to Les Cédres

On the other side in Les Cédres, I joined up with La Route Verte 5 (a major Quebec cycle path) and rode alongside the Salonge Canal. I crossed a couple of bridges to get on and off Île Perrot and was finally on the Île de Montreal! (The city of Montreal is an island). It was just a short and pleasant ride to Beaconsfield where I’ll be based for a couple of days.

La Route Verte (Green Road) cycleway signage

Tonight I’ve been having dinner and chatting with my kind hosts Elisa and Gavin. A very nice couple and new friends!

Crossing onto the Île de Montréal (Island of Montreal)

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