Monday, 14 June 2010

Back on the mainland

13th June: Port Alberni to Squamish (north of) 

Odometer: 141 km, Start: 7.30am, Finish: 6.00pm, Avg: 19.5 km/h,
Weather: Sunny intervals, Temp: 14-21°C
Bear count: 2, Mosquito Bites: 1, Hills walked: 0
Road Conditions: Sea to Sky highway (north) #99 has 1-2m shoulder in good condition. Traffic moderate (Sunday afternoon). 

I climbed for 10km slowly out of Port Alberni first thing. The two pastries from Starbucks didn’t help. After that, it was a fast run back to Nanaimo for the mainland ferry. I did 85km before midday and caught the 12.30pm.

Off the coast of Vancouver Island

This afternoon I started my ride up the Sea to Sky Highway (route #99). The scenery was again pretty good as this road hugs the coast with good views of mountains across the sound. The Sea to Sky goes to Whistler, the skiing resort and Winter Games 2010 host, and then on to Lillooet. I’ll be on this road for a couple of days.

On the Sea to Sky Highway

I made Squamish, my target for today, but couldn’t find anywhere obvious to camp in the town. I asked some locals for advice. They suggested continuing for a few klicks further to the Dryden Creek Resort. I got some supplies and pedalled on a bit further, eventually reaching the campsite around 6pm.

Scenery on the #99

Somebody’s god(s) were smiling on me today. I rode 141km, first east for 45km, then south for 40km and then north. I seemed to have tailwinds all day!

Dinner: Pasta/Salmon/Tomato pot meal, red pepper side salad, cake and tea!

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