Friday, 4 June 2010

Boxing up the Nomad

I've packed my bike up quite a few times in the past, so it didn't take me too long to put the Nomad into a cardboard container (from my LBS - TriSports, thanks) ready for the plane ride.

I've got to put all of this into a cardboard box (carefully)

I was helped slightly this time because my Nomad has S&S Couplings. This allows my frame to be split into two pieces, making the overall package slightly more compact. I just needed to used a bit of pipe-lagging and cardboard to cushion the contact points before putting everything carefully in the box.

Superbly engineered stainless steel frame couplers. Handy.

It all went in very easily and there was even a bit of room left over for a few more items. So that's one more task that can be ticked off my humongous checklist. :)

Room to spare, but unfortunately not weight. Right on 23kg.

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Jason Dalton said...

It looks so well packed and protected, it's sure to arrive safely and do you proud! It's just you, your bike and lots of experiences now. Enjoy! Jase