Saturday, 26 June 2010

Just me and the Yellowhead Highway

23rd June: Prince George towards McBride (90km west of) 

Odometer: 121 km, Start: 9.30am, Finish: 5.00pm, Avg: 20.5 km/h,
Weather: Hazy sunshine with light showers, Temp: 17-22°C
Bear count: 4, Mosquito Bites: 28, Hills walked: 0
Road Conditions: #16, Great surface mostly, 1-2m shoulder. Traffic very light. Only service at Purden Lake Resort 66km from Prince George. Ascent: 800m up/700m down.

I had a final breakfast with Tom before we said our goodbyes and headed off in opposite directions! It's been great chewing the fat with Tom. A good bloke!

Saying goodbye to Tom in Prince George

I love the Yellowhead Highway! A wilderness road, a ribbon of tarmac cutting a path through the never-ending forested landscape. And very quiet. The traffic was very light today. I’d often go several minutes between cars. The Yellowhead is everything I’d hoped the Caribou Highway would be but wasn’t. It was a pleasure cycling today. Strongly scented pine filled the air and the road was basically flat with 1-2% gradients gently rising and falling all day.

Heading back towards the mountains
A long way between things around here

Purden Lake Resort was an oasis after 66km. It’s the only service between Prince George and McBride (212km). They’ve just opened their new roadside restaurant and it’s a beauty. A very impressive log cabin affair that’s very light and spacious inside. The German lady in charge called it a “much improved facility”. Very Teutonic. The food was pretty good as well! After lunch I sat on the veranda waiting for an isolated shower to pass and petted two Alsatian pups who were very friendly and inquisitive.

The new restaurant at Purden Lake

The afternoon’s riding passed quickly and was punctuated by a couple more meetings with long distance cyclists. Sue and Houston are biking to Alaska. Bruce, who I meet 1/2 hour later, is doing the same. He usually meets the other two at the evening’s campsite.

Nice mountain

I’m wild camping tonight! Near to a rest area at Slim Creek.I’ve hidden myself away for the night just above a gently cascading creek. The mosquitoes are about in small numbers, but I’m wrapped up and taking no chances! The Muskol I bought on recommendation seems reasonably effective.

My free camp spot!

After dinner I sat by the creek watching the water flow by while I drank my final tea of the evening. I’m expecting to be peeing regularly tonight, as the tent is only a few metres from the creek. The sound of running water will be in my head all night!  

Contemplating by the creek

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