Sunday, 13 June 2010

Yesterday's scenery reaches it's full potential

12th June: Ucluelet to Port Alberni 

Odometer: 101 km, Start: 9.00am, Finish: 4.00pm, Avg: 18.9 km/h,
Weather: Sunny, Temp: 14-22°C, Bear count: 2
Road Conditions: Reverse of yesterday’s route

I spent my first night in my new tent last night! I didn’t sleep too badly considering the new environment. The sun was hitting the canvas from 5am onwards, but I didn’t stir until 7 and it took me quite a while to get ready as I’m not used to “breaking camp”. After stocking up (for the long services free) return journey I was on the road just before 9.

What a difference a day makes! The sun shone all day and it became quite warm in the afternoon. The scenery, which was pretty good on the way out, was spectacular on the way back. Many snow capped peaks were now visible and the lakes were perfect mirrors.

IMG_2720 IMG_2723

The hills were just as severe as before, but far more enjoyable with the sun on my back (until the afternoon, when it got a bit hot). I was helped along by several people I’d met at “Ukee” passing me and tooting as they drove the same road.

I managed to get 75 km/h out of the Nomad going down Sutton Pass in full tuck! It’s the perfect hill – quite steep at around 10%, a straight smooth road, no wind. I reckon it’s a 90+ km/h descent on a road racing bike!

IMG_2724 IMG_2725

I’m quite pleased with my two day ride to the Pacific Rim. It was very testing with over 2000m of climbing and many hills of more than 10%, but I made it through with my 40kg bike without any issues.

Sproat Lake

Early start tomorrow, heading to catch the Nanaimo ferry back to the mainland.

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