Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Chilling in Stanley Park

I rebuilt my bike on a sunny patio. The bike-box had arrived in pristine condition - thanks Air Canada. Had quite a few chats with fellow guests as I was (expertly) putting the Nomad back together. Conversations predictably along the lines of  "Hi, how are you?", "Where are you going biking?", "You're doing what... on a bicycle?"

Lost Lagoon, Stanley Park

Vancouver is extremely bike friendly and there are loads of dedicated bike paths throughout the city and as a result there are a lot of cyclists. The very large Stanley Park is understandably very popular with cyclists (and inline skaters and walkers), so after completing the rebuild, I went out for a shakedown ride and headed over to have a look around.

Vancouver Rowing Club, Coal Harbour

It was another sunny day and Vancouverites and tourists alike were out in force making the most of the weather. There were many hundreds of cyclists and skaters about on the trails. I found it quite confusing as there were cyclists and skaters of all abilities and differing speeds sharing the same trails. Many of the trails were also marked as one-way, but it didn't seem to be something that many observed!

Coal Harbour looking back towards Downtown

I rode around the park perimeter taking a few pictures as I went along. I passed underneath Lion's Gate bridge. That's the one I'll be riding across out of Vancouver to start my bike ride.

In my anti-SMIDSY gear with Lion's Gate Bridge in background

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